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Finally, the ability to make more and keep more of your money is here. That time is right now. You can build massive wealth with little to no risk and take control of your financial freedom.

Take The Risks Out
of Your Investments

Building wealth is part of your DNA as an entrepreneur and investor.

Being successful means you know what it takes to build wealth.

Serious wealth is hard to come by.

It wasn't too long ago that it used to take blood sweat and tears to accumulate wealth.

The type of money where you could sit back and relax.

And watch the money grow before your eyes.

We’re now at a point where ‘hard work’ isn’t enough to build large swaths of wealth.

Working smarter and not harder is the name of the game.

Today’s world requires a new, fresh way of thinking.

If you’re reading this, it means that you’re at a point where you want more.

You’ve caught up to that ceiling and now it’s time to break through.

You want the type of wealth that will outlast you.

Building a legacy that transforms generations to come is on your horizon.

Generational wealth that your children can enjoy.

And their children can enjoy.

And so on.

What you’re doing right now isn’t going to cut it.

Would you believe me if I told you that taxes are a major reason why you’re not where you want to be?

So many people have told me that giving their hard-earned money away to the government was a good thing.

Then they would mention something about a government program that they hope to be a part of when they retire.

Your cash belongs to you
and you alone.

And your current investments are not bringing in massive returns as you’ve hoped.

Even worse, some of these investments are risky.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and investors, Crypto and NFTs have made their way inside of your portfolio.

But do you understand them?

Do you understand what you are investing in?

Where your money goes when you do invest?

Tell me,

could you explain what is happening behind the scenes of these investments to a 5-year-old?

The answer is most likely a hard NO because very few people know what is happening themselves.

And it’s not your fault.

The system is designed to keep you in the dark.

But you deserve to know where your money goes.

It doesn’t matter how you invest it.

So why do you get caught up in the latest investing
trends that are inherently risky?

So why do you get caught
up in the latest investing
trends that are inherently risky?

Because like most people, getting rich quick is appealing.

There have been people who have made their wealth with these types of investments.

But there are way more people who have lost everything.

You are well aware of your potential to gain great sums of money.

The question is, how do you want to get there?

By continuing to chase the latest trends in the hopes of timing the market just right?

Or by learning the secrets of the wealthiest people.

There has never been a better time
to build wealth like the pros.



Advanced investment
Strategies for Entrepreneurs

As a successful entrepreneur, you’ve built your wealth by working hard for every dime.

Nothing has come easy during that time and yet your success has continued to climb.

But as you are well aware, working that hard is not sustainable.

The time to start having your money work hard for you is right now.

Finally, there is a framework dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs like you the mindset of the most wealthy.

Because you deserve to have your hard work pay off.

These strategies dive into how the wealthy approach their investments.

What goes into their decision-making process when choosing the very best investments.

By the end of this course, you will have insight into how to build sustainable wealth.

And most importantly, how to keep it all.

Each strategy brings you into the mindset of the best investors.

You will realize why the best long-term investors are bullish over any new trendy investment strategies.

And why, as a successful entrepreneur, you should be as well.

Only long-term investment strategies that yield positive results are inside this course.

The latest tips and tricks on Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, are NOT

You will learn why these investments are so risky for long-term growth.

This alternative investment vehicle will take you from barely knowing anything about investing…

To knowing what it takes to grow wealth as the likes of Warren Buffet do.

These secrets will shelter you from any economic storm.


Extreme fuel increases.

Crypto is more volatile than ever.

You will gain actionable tips and proven strategies that will put you on the path to financial success.


Secrets of the Wealthy

Their juiciest secrets are out.

Only the luckiest entrepreneurs and investors are taking advantage of them.

You would be amazed at how few people even know that these strategies exist.

The opportunity of a lifetime is right here.


No Shiny New Objects

Every new investor is trying to catch the next wave with the hopes of striking it big.

But the smartest investors are hedging their bets and you’ll understand why.

Shiny new objects don’t faze them at all.


Finance the Simple Way

Learn how to make more and keep more without the boring lectures from someone who has practiced what they preached.

Each lesson is taught in an easy-to-digest way and you’ll be implementing these strategies in no time.


Rapid Growth

Learn why compounding is essential for building long-term wealth.

You should never have to worry about your true wealth potential.

Being able to earn more and keep more is essential for wealth building.

This highly sophisticated investment strategy will put you in the mindset of the most successful investors.

Meet your Instructor

Advanced investment Strategies for entrepreneurs

with Carl Wehmeyer

You have to learn to be more strategic and focus on the big picture and really start to focus on your long-term returns.

This course is taught by Carl Weymeher who is currently the Executive Vice President at Niagara Conservation where he has been for the past 20 years.

In his role, he is leading his company to an impressive $200 million in sales annually.

Carl’s mission is to teach as many successful entrepreneurs as possible, that their money should be working hard for them. The opportunity has never been better.

He has invested in over 1500 successful businesses using the very same strategies that are taught in the Advanced Investment Strategies for Entrepreneurs.

What’s waiting for you inside?

9 Lessons That Will Change Your
Investing Mindset

module 01

Learn the 3 Pillars of Investing Part 1

Carl will teach you the foundation of investing and what NOT to overlook in your journey to building wealth.

  • Learn how to maximize your rate on return with a proven tax strategy.

  • Understand how having no income limitation and access can maximize your investment.

  • Understand how to read historical data and how to understand future analyzes.

  • What high spending means for your long-term wealth strategy.

module 02

The 3 Pillars of Investing Part II & Part III

Carl will go over what limitations are causing the most risk in your portfolio and how much growth you are missing out on.

  • How to double your earnings on what you build.

  • Why more time may lead to a serious impact on your long-term growth.

  • Learn this one strategy to increase your overall net worth.

  • Learn your rate on return and how much you could be missing out on.

module 03

Capitalize on your gains using this No Loss Investment Strategy

Carl will teach a simple no-loss strategy that will guarantee you’ll have your money when you want it.

  • How to offset those losses by leveraging the floor and cap investments.

  • How to keep more of your hard-earned cash.

  • No more worrying about where your cash is.

  • When the market fluctuates, you’ll know what to do to keep your money safe.

module 04

Key Differences Between Term & Permanent Insurance

Rethink what you thought you knew about these two types of Insurance.

  • Learn the difference between living and death benefits and how to benefit from both.

  • Watch your cash flow increase from this very underutilized investment hack.

  • See why you don’t need to limit your wealth potential by using these investments instead.

  • Yes, you need life insurance and yes you should leverage it as an investment.

module 05

Carl will teach you about this overlooked option for building wealth

See what makes this investment such a lucrative opportunity and why this needs to be in your portfolio

  • Learn how to get a better handle on the markets

  • Enjoy easy access to your cash and flexible premiums

  • Enjoy a lifetime of premium insurance

  • See how insurance has progressed over time

module 06

Key Differences Between Whole Life & Index Universal Life

What makes Index Universal Life Unique and why it's better for your finances

  • Learn why and how premiums fuel policy.

  • No more fixed annual payments to keep your policy.

  • Learn why you actually can adjust your death benefit.

  • Learn why you should maximize your cash value while adding more flexibility.

module 07

Learn about the X-Curve and Dime Method

Understand how the X-Curve & Dime Method work together in your personal finance journey

  • Learn how to see if you need insurance by checking out the X-Curve.

  • See why the X-Curve is a sign of building wealth.

  • The real reason why your house will fall apart without insurance.

  • Learn how to focus your future wealth building with the Dime Method.

module 08

Learn why the cost of insurance & premiums is crucial to building wealth

Learn the most convenient way to store your excess cash from your premium

  • Learn how the cost of insurance can lead you to a huge return.

  • Find out where your excess premium is going.

  • Find a safe spot for your excess cash..

  • Build a healthy cash flow by looking focusing on the target.

module 09

Understand how Bitcoin, Stocks, and Real Estate stack up against an IUL

Learn why these shouldn't be the only investments in your portfolio

  • Know how to spot which investments are good and which ones to avoid.

  • Learn how to qualify a good investment with these 6 key areas.

  • Expand your worldview and explore more diverse investment options.

  • Understand why having a balanced portfolio is the key to building long-lasting wealth.

build wealth today. Let’s Get Started.

Finally, learn the best-kept secrets of the wealthy and start building massive wealth for yourself.

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High Management Fees

Understand the most common objection to Universal Life Index Policy

  • Learn who actually has more risk at the policy origination.

  • Look out for massive growth after paying this 1-time fee.

  • Learn what costs to expect and which ones to not overlook.

  • Learn why paying a low percentage year after year is NOT better than paying a 1-time fee for your protection.

Bonus 2

Yes, You do need insurance

Understand why you need to be prepared for the unexpected and how insurance plays a big role.

  • You’ll discover the types of insurance that could be free.

  • Learn this unbelievable tactic to get 1M in death benefits for FREE.

  • Learn why insurance MUST be part of your wealth-building plan.

  • Learn why most medical insurance will not cover you 100% and what you NEED to do about it.

Bonus 3

What actually happens to your money if a business goes under

Learn what makes a company strong enough to invest in.

  • Learn why the government and big banks are the largest investors.

  • Which is a safer investment? A company with 175 years of experience or a tech stock that hasn’t even been on the market for 50 years.

  • Learn why you should choose the strongest industry to invest in.

  • Learn how the top companies have been around longer than FDIC and how they have sustained longevity.

Bonus 4

Do you have to pay premiums forever? *Hint, you don’t

Learn what makes IUL so powerful and why you need to take advantage of it.

  • Learn why flexible payments are so great.

  • Can’t make payments? Learn how cash value has you covered.

  • Invest when you want, invest how you want with IUL.

  • Understand why flexibility trumps fixed payments

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